I see your true color


I knit this as a gift for a “friend”, we’re only Facebook friends really. I attended a party at her house once upon a time, maybe twice, and we had some mutual friends. I’ve been inspired by her photography ever since. She’s been doing beautiful black and whites recently, her 365project was one of the only reasons I would go near Facebook last year. Ironically or not, I am having the hardest time to get the true color of this piece to show. It’s a black base with really vibrant jewel tones. I’ve used this to my advantage somewhat, as I’ve yet to deliver the shawl to her, if she does stumble upon it somehow she won’t “actually” see it.

There are ways to photograph your work so that the true color shines through. A lightbox is fairly easy to put together with things you already have. Taking the extra time to be selective about the backgroud can help too. It seems to be one of the biggest complaints especially in the knitting world. The color on your screen, differs from the color on my screen, and both of them differ from what we see In Real Life. Which is all true, because science!

I hope to get some pictures back from Megan at some point. The draw to knit with this yarn in particular was her works in color as well as those in black and white. Either way, I’m sure they’ll be wonderful. The pattern is Mariposa by Maiden Brooklyn. I really enjoyed this knit. To see the butterflies, you need to look at the negative
Space. There’s a better pic of the full shawl, but again the color got lost somewhere along the way. I had one friend who told me she thought it was gray.


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